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Ultimate Flash Sonic


A Good Game With Many Characters, Like Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream And Shadow...

Shadow And Amy Are Unlockables, Though There Is A Password That Allows You To Get All Cheats And Shadow And Amy.


Ultimate Robotnik/Eggman Duels

This Is A "Flying Around Fighting" Game To Kill People, You Can Play As Many Players, EVEN MARIO! (NES Form) This Game Has The Hardest Controls Ever.


Pouetpu's Games / Super Mario Flash Series!

Yet, I Have Put This Into A Big One, There Is Many Games Here!


Super Mario Flash - A Game Created Off Of The Third Mario Game, Super Mario Bros! A Map Based Off Of Super Mario Bros 3.


Super Mario Flash 2 - A Sequal To Super Mario Flash, Including A New Super Mario World Look With A New Item, The Feather! Including The Custom Block, Grey Block (Acts Like A Soild Pushing Block)


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Hacks Found By Markeyruiz97.